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Quigley has been adopted !!!! (2/28/2011)

Please check back as we will add new labs as they are avalible, or go to the Arizona Humane Society's Website or go see the dogs in person!

Help Find Quigley a Home 

Members of the Arizona Search Dog Family are fostering Quigley for the Arizona Humane Society. 

Sunnyslope Location
9226 N 13th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85021
(602) 997-7585

Quigley is an approximatley 8 months old, neutered male. Quigley is extremely comfortable with cats and other dogs, he heels well  and is willing to please. He LOVES people and will try to maintain contact with you by leaning against you. One pet and he starts to smile. he has not shown any aggression towards people, animals or food...Qigley is very well

We are working on sit, stay  and down.

 Please help  us find Quigley a new Happy Home!!!!