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Crucial Role of Search Dogs in Japan

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Great Story from CNN on the Role of Search Dogs in Japan.


No members of Arizona Search Dogs or AZ-TF1 were deployed to Japan, Members of L.A. County and Fairfax Va were deployed.

Tagalong with the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force

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Tagalong with the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force

Updated: Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011, 6:05 PM MST

Published : Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011, 6:05 PM MST

PHOENIX - The death toll continues to rise and hundreds remain missing in New Zealand after a 6.3 earthquake. Rescue teams are sifting through the rubble looking for survivors.

Working on a search and rescue team is physically and emotionally demanding work. We went along with a team that was training on Wednesday.

The Urban Search and Rescue Task Force looks for people who are stuck or lost in the rough terrain, and is often called out to help in emergencies.

The teams have been to the California earthquake, to Oklahoma City for the bomb blast, the World Trade Center on 9/11, and to help find people after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

"Every Tuesday every Monday we are involved in some kind of training, whether it be mountain climbing, rappelling, confined space, structural support, shoring," says Phoenix Fire Capt. Scott Walker.

The search dogs train with them to find the victim. Sometimes finding the person is the easy part -- getting them out can take longer.

"Often times we have to drill holes, put a camera down to find them and work our way to them."

200 firefighters and police officers are a part of the Urban Search and Rescue. There are three teams, and they can deploy in an hour.

The organization is part of FEMA, so it has to be prepared to go anywhere in the U.S.

Locally, you can see them on the job rescuing a stranded or lost hiker.



A look at how dogs prep for rescue missions (Channel 3 News)

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Canine search teams from the U.S. are en route to New Zealand to hunt for victims trapped in rubble. Jared Dillingham gives you a close-up look at how the dogs prep for their missions.

Arizona Humane Society Story about Mac

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When our evaluators realized Mac had an unusually strong toy drive, they suggested our alternative placement team contact the Phoenix Fire Department's search and rescue group. Alternative placement team member Hilary Barr reached out to PFD's John Dean and they sent down one of their staff to evaluate Mac. After a couple of evaluations, they decided Mac was a perfect search and rescue candidate and placed him in their program!

With his intense play drive, agility, intelligence and focus on his "victims," Mac is now a FEMA certified disaster search dog

Arizona Task Force One and Arizona Search Dogs Members save dogs life while on deployment

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When the Phoenix Fire Department’s AZTF-1 FEMA team was deployed to Texas September 21, 2005 to stand by for Hurricane Rita, members were prepared for the worst.Fortunately the storm lost speed as it hit the Gulf Coast and didn’t cause nearly the damage that Hurricane Katrina had the month previous. Team members were eventually deployed to Louisiana to check areas that had been ravaged by high winds and rain. It was during the final days of the mission that one AZTF-1 member found a frightened, muddy female dog cowering in the remains of its owner’s home. It’s a story worth telling.

Members of The Arizona Search Dogs Deployed to Galveston Island Texas

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Arizona Search Dogs members were deployed to Texas and Galveston Island to conduct search and rescue activities.

Arizona Search Dogs assist Idaho Disater Dogs in obtaining Pete

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Pete, a black labrador retriver is the product of the relationship between Idaho Disaster Dogs and Arizona Search Dogs. Pete was the first team owned dog.


Pete is a brother to Arizona Search Dogs Hoss and Ben

Black Lab Rescued by Arizona Humane Society Now Ready to Rescue Others as Nationally Certified Disaster Search Dog

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Capone, a black Lab whose high energy level and severe kennel cough didn’t keep Arizona Humane Society staff members from seeing his potential, is now ready to do for others what was done for him: providing a second chance

Article from Missouri Regarding AZ Search Dogs FEMA/USAR Certification Testing in Boone County Missouri

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Attached is an Article from Boone County Missouri. The article Talks about a member of Arizona Search Dogs participating in a FEMA/USAR K9 Certification Test.

AZ Search Dogs Assist Phoenix Police Search for a Missing Mtn. Biker

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The Arizona Search Dogs assisted the Phoenix Police Departments  missing persons division in the search for a missing mountain biker.


Please check out the Channel 3 news story and see a brief shot of the dogs!

Puma Press Article from 2002

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Attached is a link to an article written in 2002 by the Puma press from PVCC, about The Arizona Search Dogs.

Arizona Search Dogs with Bears n More

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The Arizona Search Dogs were on hand at Bears and More, in Glendale AZ, for National Bear Day. Bears and More is a tremendous supporter of Arizona Search Dogs.


Please see the article below to learn more about Bears and More, National Bear Day, and The Arizona Search Dogs.