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Hoss is a fun loving big black male dog. He lives with his dad, his mom, his two sisters  and his dog family Zoey, Badger and Lil boy. His favorite toy is a stuffed duck. Hoss loves to go to work and training. Work is practicing finding people. Hoss also likes car rides and to snuggle with his family .Hoss was adopted on December 21, 2008. His birthday is August 2007. We almost got 1 of his real brothers Ben but God told me Hoss was the 1 so my dad  got Hoss. His 2 brothers were Ben (Arizona team) and Pete (Idaho team).Hoss loves to play with other dogs. Sometimes Hoss lets you use him as a pillow. Hoss is very gentle to other dogs especially smaller dogs. Hoss likes to eat any food or food containers he could find. Sometimes when it’s dinner time Hoss knocks over everyone to get to his food. Hoss loves food. Hoss goes loco over any food. Sometimes when Hoss is in a car ride he tries to sit on Dads lap. Hoss has been to many places including California and Texas. Hoss has never been to a major accident before. Hoss is not the youngest dog in the family he is in fact the second youngest. Hoss is great with kids. One day Hoss will hopefully go on a real disaster accident. Search and rescue dogs are dogs that sniff out live people under building, ground, wells etc. Hoss loves his owners very much. Several times Hoss has looked for children and adults lost in the dessert. I always calls him Bubby, Sweet Pea, Hossermen and Baby. I am like Hoss’s overall bestfreind. Hoss is the familys bestfreind and snuggler. Hoss is a great and wonderful dog. Hoss loves going to my  school  to see  his sister’s human friends. Hoss loves getting his belly rubbed and petted. Hoss is probably most calm out of the search dogs. He is the second most calm in the family. Hoss also loves his dog family and he loves me the most. Hoss is usually always happy the only time Hoss is sad is when his daddy  goes to work without him. Hoss likes to after his mommy gets out of bed lay down on the pillows of the parents bed. Hoss is probably the most fun, loving and adorable dog you’ll ever see. Hoss has many many friends including human and furry animals. Hoss has a little girlfriend named Bo (another female search dog). Hoss loves to lick everyone he sees. Hoss loves to relax and lay on the carpet. Hoss is the best search dog and best big dog to me. Hoss has Dad as his trainer but I am his second manor second girl. Hoss loves to sleep. Hoss likes to when you are under a blanket bark at you because he thinks your hiding or he wants to play. Hoss likes to run up and down the back yard chasing his jollyball. Sometimes his goofy little brother Lil Boy steals his brother’s toys and Hoss chases Lil Boy around the house. Hoss is adorable. Hoss has beautiful brown eyes. Hoss likes to stretch and sometimes stay healty. Hoss loves to make doing homework fun by snuggling. Hoss’s time out place is his kennel. The only time likes to go in his kennel is to go to sleep. Hoss sleeps on his special blanket or in his kennel. Hoss is like one of my BFF’s. Me and dad love Hoss the most. Hoss rocks!!!!!! Hoss is a beautiful black dog!  I know Hoss really wants to meet you so come to one of our fundraisers donate, meet Hoss, and meet all the other search and rescue dogs. Collect the Hoss, Ben and other search and rescue dog cards and trading cards. Look for the search and rescue dog vest and come say hi!! The dogs love you!!!!!  But when you come see the dogs  espesically Hoss don’t  come with any  food or they will steal it from ya!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Hoss says ‘’come meet me’’!!!!! Hoss loves you and everyone he meets. Hoss follows around his dad so look for the fire department shirt. If you come to the fundraisers you can collect puppy merchandise. Hope you enjoy the paper I know Hoss did!!!!!!!

Written by: HOSS’S  9 year old SISTER AND THE ONE WHO LOVES HOSS THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!


Coloring Pages

 Hoss says have your parents save this coloring page then print it off so you can color it!



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