Arizona Search Dogs

Arizona Search Dogs is a nonprofit (501c3) organization

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Below you will find information from some of the local companies that support The Arizona Search Dogs.  You can also find more companies, that support us on our links page. Be sure to check back as we will update this information often.


Topaz Veterinary Clinic Tempe AZ

Located in Tempe, Az, we are a family-owned veterinary hospital committed to providing exceptional care for your pet

"We make owning a pet an enjoyable and rewarding experience by being a trusted source of exceptional care, service, and information for our clients and patients."

- Dr. Geoff Berthiaume and Dr. Sarah Marzke 
Scramble a Breakfast Joint

Scramble is a fresh look at breakfast and it all begins with using the freshest ingredients around. How we do it is no secret, we pride ourselves on using local farmers and vendors whenever possible. So instead of your eggs being delivered across the country in a truck, they are literally coming from across town. From your first bite to your last, you will taste the difference farm fresh makes.

Half MoonWindy City Sports Grill
Chicago born, Arizona Bred.

Growing up on Chicago’s North Side I fondly remember walking with my dad down to the street corner to get an Italian Beef or Chicago Dog.  We’d walk with our brown paper bags and setup to eat on a local park bench.  Once a week we’d visit a friend of my dad at his Italian restaurant on Irving Park, who would sit and tell stories from when they were kids.   
    On the weekends my grandfather would make his Chicago Style Cracker Crust Pizza.  He would teach me how to roll the dough and the difference between fresh & dry herbs.  The undeniable passion for flavor and authentic ingredients were part of those memories and what we are carrying forward to our friends in Arizona.  Our dogs are true Vienna Beef served in S. Rosen’s Poppyseed Buns from Alpha Bakery.  We fly Eli’s Cheesecakes to the store each week.  The Italian sausage and meatballs that fill our Chicago baked hoagies are produced by Fontanini, a Chicago landmark.  As for the pizza...that’s ours, made here in Arizona, fresh every day. A Chicago family recipe shared with our family in Arizona.

      Our focus with the Half Moon Windy City is to capture some of the essense of the Chicago through the food, the design of the restaurant and the excitement of the sports that I grew up with. I hope you enjoy the midwest hospitality experience!

                               Clay Moizo

Bears and More Glendale AZ
The idea of owning our teddy bear shop came about while we went with our husbands to baseball card shows. Linda had been a bear collector for years and has a strong background in retail. Valerie (who is married to Linda’s oldest son) always dreamed of having a shop – it didn’t matter what kind! So, as we wandered around those baseball card shows we eventually came up with this idea.

As so often happens, when one door closes another one opens up. In 1992 Linda ran into a sales rep while visiting her mother-in-law and the rest is history.

Within a month we opened our shop in the beautiful historic Catlin Court Shops District in Glendale. There is not a more perfect place for our shop. The area is an unexpected treat in Arizona. The streets are tree lined. The lawns are green and there are flower gardens everywhere. The shops are in historic homes that have been converted to house businesses. Our “house” was listed in the National Historic Register in 2007, as were many of our neighbor’s. When visiting the area you will not only enjoy all the shopping, dining and friendliness of our home town, you get to see different types of architecture as well. Within walking distance you will find the Historic Downtown District that has retained the town square feeling. And just one block north of the shop is the historic Catlin Court Homes District, which is a joy to explore.

We are first, a teddy bear shop and carry only the best. Steiff, Deb Canham, Gund, and Boyds are a few of the plush lines we stock. We also have a few select Artist Bears & Hares for the collector. Over the years we have added lots of great things for the 12 and under set: puzzles, games, books, toys, charms, dress-up play, lots of educational things and great stuff for babies. Raggedy Ann, Breyer Horses and some cowboy themed toys have snuck in too.

So, sit back and explore our site and when you are in the area plan to drop in for a visit – the bears love the company.
Pappa  Eds Ice Cream Glendale AZ

Our mission at Papa Ed's Ice Cream is to make our customers feel welcome the minute they arrive, provide them with delicious premium ice cream at an affordable price, and encourage lots of laughter and relaxation during their visit.

Our personal invitation from our family to yours- visit soon for a scoopful of memories.

Gold Key Raquet Club
About Gold Key Racquet Club

      Gold Key Racquet Club is an exciting place filled with fun and friendly people. Upon entering, you will be met by a smiling and 

caring staff whose main goal is providing you with consistently enjoyable experiences. 

     One thing that separates Gold Key from the crowd is our activity. From competitive tournaments to social events, and from our own club leagues to traveling teams, we are famous for providing some of the best tennis and social programming in the Valley.